Why You Need to try Lobster while in Kennebunkport

October 16th, 2012 Fontenay Terrace Motel

If you come to a Maine vacation from anywhere inland, you have not had lobster until you’ve tried lobster in Kennebunkport. Now, before you go on and say, “I’ve tried lobster; I don’t like it,” hear me out…

You see, inland, a lot of markets and restaurants will actually sell California, spiny lobsters and call them Maine lobster or Maine lobster tails. If this has ever happened to you, you wouldn’t know it until you try real lobster, which tastes richer, has better texture and is an all-around incredible delicacy.

And that’s the second thing – it’s a delicacy. If you visit France, you’re likely to try escargot or, at least, a nice savory crepe. If you visit Japan, there’s a good chance that you’ll try something like octopus, sea urchin or puffer fish. So, if you visit an American state and don’t try the delicacy there, you’re really saying something about what you think of your own country.

In any case, we have some information on where to get a good lobster dinner, so make sure to ask while on your stay. Maine lobster is a true jewel, set apart from all others. While many lobster companies do ship globally, you won’t be able to get lobster as fresh as you can here. Take advantage of the genuine, fresh Maine lobster – you won’t be disappointed!

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