Ways to Dress for the Cold Weather

January 5th, 2015 Fontenay Terrace Motel

dressing for winter

Yes, we are in the throes of winter and the cold weather will be here for a while. Knowing how to dress for cold weather is an art, but one easy to master once you know how your body protects its heat.
The first thing to know is that dressing in layers really is the best thing to do to stay warm. Layers of thermal tees, long underwear, vests and sweaters worn under the outerwear help keep body heat in, so make sure when you buy coats and pants that they have room for layers.
Be aware of your activity level. If you are going fishing you will require different clothes than if you are going ice skating. Your body will naturally heat up as you exert yourself, so you may need less insulation.
When buying a coat or parka, thicker is truly better. The more layers there are in a coat, the better you will feel in the cold.
Wear winter socks and insulated boots. Boot linings can be anything from wool to synthetic, just don’t get cotton lined boots, as cotton absorbs moisture and will keep your feet wet. If your boots don’t have a lining, linings can be purchased separately.
Gloves are mandatory as hands are particularly sensitive to the cold; the warmer the gloves the better. It doesn’t matter how thick they are. You are not going to be in a needle threading competition. Of course, anything is better than nothing, but when you can, buy the warmest gloves possible.
Don’t forget to layer your legs as well as your torso. Many people just layer the top and not the bottom. Your legs need to be insulated as much as your chest, especially if you are skiing or playing ice hockey. Long johns will do just fine, but so will tights and leggings under your outer pants.
Make sure your outerwear is waterproof. Nothing makes you colder and gives you a chill more than being wet in cold weather. You may find yourself in a snowfall, or even some sleet or rain, or if you are participating in some sport on ice or snow, you may fall and get wet. Waterproof is the way to go when considering outerwear.
And finally, wear a hat. Covering every part of your body where heat can escape is essential. And be sure to cover your ears. Ears are also apt to get cold faster than the rest of you.
Dressing for cold weather is really no mystery. Once you have the layering thing down, the rest is just common sense. The cold weather can be very enjoyable if you are dressed for it. Winter is a beautiful season, and there is no reason why you can’t have fun and stay warm at the same time.

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