Upcoming Events in Kennebunkport Maine: Kid’s Bike Rodeo

September 18th, 2013 Fontenay Terrace Motel


As more and more families struggle with childhood obesity and other health issues, parents are constantly on the lookout for activities that will get their kids moving. Riding a bike is always fun for kids and it helps them get around the neighborhood quickly, but the physical exercise involved is the greatest benefit of all. Of course, there is a risk involved that may keep parents sitting at home worried.


To help ease parents concerns and instill caution in young riders, the Kennebunk Police Department is holding it’s first bicycle rodeo. It will take place on Saturday, September 14, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at Kennebunk Elementary School. The Kennebunk Police Department has invited the Bicycle Coalition of Maine to run a safety course, along with other games, for all children in the 8th grade or lower.


The course will be fun enough for kids that they’ll gladly participate in observing bicycle safety, which makes it a win-win event for everyone involved. However, the Kennebunkport Bicycle Company will be on hand to perform safety checks and helmet fittings, free of charge. There will even be a small amount of free helmets for children who don’t have one.


There will be hot dogs for the whole family and emergency vehicles for the little ones to admire, but there’s an even more important reason for parents to bring their children to the event.  They’ll be provided with information about the Child Identification Program, which helps prevent the danger of children going missing. The Kennebunk Police Department will also be pushing free bike registration, for all ages, to help locate lost or stolen bikes in the future.


Take a chance to combine safety, education, and family fun by attending the rodeo. It could end up being the first year of a positive and enriching annual tradition.

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