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December 29th, 2014 Fontenay Terrace Motel

holiday traveling

Traveling during the holidays is both exciting and stressful. Being with family and close friends we haven’t seen in a while is the best part of the holiday season. But the hustle and bustle of the travel experience during this busy time can make some of us want to stay at home.


How do you make travel during the holidays the joyful experience it should be?


Try To Travel During Off-Peak Hours


This is where planning ahead will serve you well. Most of the travel stress of the holidays comes from being in a rush to get to our destination in time for Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. Whether you are driving or traveling by plane or train, try to make your travel plans during off-peak hours and off-peak days.


Look For Special Travel Deals


If you start your planning a few days early you are more likely to find a deal or two when it comes to travel. Even if you are last minute, search anyway. You never know what discounts you may find this time of year.


Use Technology to Make Things Easier


You can now print out boarding passes from your computer which makes travel a bit more convenient and much less stressful. However you can utilize technology to help you during this busy travel season, do so. In certain instances you can check in for a flight online, particularly if you only have a carry-on and don’t have to check your bags.


Pack Sensibly


Remember that you are most likely not going away for a 3 week cruise. You don’t need 12 pairs of stilettos at grandma’s house. Only take what you need to have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday trip. This way there is no need to check your bags and with a carry-on your boarding will be much simpler and faster.


Be Equipped For Emergencies


Being prepared for mishaps and emergencies can relieve you of stress. If traveling by car, take a first aid kit, pain relievers, and make sure emergency numbers are locked in your phone. Plan your meals ahead, whether you bring a picnic basket and cooler of water and juices for the car, or budget money for eating at roadside cafes. Have a good spare tire on hand and any items you will need to change a tire. Make sure your roadside emergency plan is up to date in case you need more than just a change of tire. If flying or driving, have all prescription meds needed on hand.


Planning ahead, thinking clearly, and packing thoroughly, but lightly, is the best advice to make your holiday travel smooth sailing.

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