The Wedding Cake House

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the wedding cake house
The Wedding Cake House, also known as the George W. Bourne House, is located in 104 Summer Street in Kennebunk, Maine. The house is also referred to as the “most photographed house in the state.”
History of the Wedding Cake House
The home was built by Bourne in 1825, and later had a frame barn connected to it with a carriage house. It was in 1852 that the barn caught on fire and had to be demolished in order to keep the fire from spreading to the house. Bourne while on a European tour was impressed and delighted by the Gothic styles that were executed for the Cathedral at Milan and so he used those styles to influence the appearance of his home. He would later rebuild them in what is now known as the Carpenter Gothic style of Architecture.
Bourne created buttresses with pinnacles on top of each and even added some to the existing home in order to tie in the theme. The only help he had in the endeavor was Thomas Durrell, an apprentice ship’s carpenter. He spent the rest of his lift adding to the embellishments of his home. His skill can be seen in how beautiful his home is.
How did it get its name?
The “Wedding Cake” name came about because the intricate details of the home were said to resemble that of a wedding cake. The legend that sprouted was that Bourne, busy being out at sea, had not given his bride a proper honeymoon. However, this was not true.
Restoration of the Home
In 1983 the home was bought by a descendant of George Bourne, Mary Burnett and her daughter Anne. The women had restored the mansion, completing their work back in 1984. In 2005, the home was opened to the public for the very first time by the current owner, Jimmy Barker, in order to raise money for Hurricane Katrina relief.
While you’re visiting the Kennebunk area, make sure you stop by to see The Wedding Cake House, because it is a beauty you need to see in order to properly appreciate it.

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