The Waterhouse Center in Kennebunk, Maine

February 18th, 2015 Fontenay Terrace Motel
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The Waterhouse Center started as an unwanted space and has been transformed into a family activity center.
Kennebunk Maine was redeveloping their downtown life and had the opportunity to buy the land the Waterhouse center now sits on. This used to be the site of a Mobile Gas station, and funds were needed to clean up the site and that was achieved through a Brownfield Grant.
This space was meant to be developed for commercial property but the space was not being utilized, so it became a space for artisan and farmers markets, festivals and even winter ice skating. A citizen initiated petition was signed to keep the space a town use, this petition was passed by a 3 to 1 margin.
The community has since been able to preserve the ice skating rink by a large donation and built a very large open sided 4 season pavilion. This Pavilion has made it possible to have events all year. Ice skating is one of the largest attractions of the area, the Waterhouse Center evens has a zamboni to keep the ice smooth.
There are also special events you and your family can come and enjoy including a Race to Educate on April 12th and the May Day Festival on May 2nd. This center will provide many years of use for the local community and the visiting public. It will be a space used by all and space for all to feel safe and welcomed.
Make sure to include this unique experience the next time you visit Kennebunk.

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