The First Families and Kennebunkport

June 15th, 2015 Fontenay Terrace Motel

A little-known fact about the quaint seaside town of Kennebunkport is its long-standing affiliation with one of America’s most well-known families: The Bush family. The Bushes have owned a family compound for many years on Walker’s Point, with former President George H.W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush spending half the year at the home annually.
The White HouseLocated just south of town on the same road as Fontenay Terrace, the compound has been a hotbed of activity lately as presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has begun his campaigning for the Republican nomination, and is amid the construction of his own $1.4 million new home on the family property, according to the Washington Post. However, Kennebunkport offers more than just a passing glance of these leading figures of U.S. politics for those enamored with presidential and coastal Maine’s history.
The Kennebunk Historical Society hosts the First Families Museum at White Columns, an 1853 Greek revival-style home, where two centuries of history are on display. The museum boasts a number of artifacts and original furnishings, ranging from items owned by the original residents of the home, Charles and Celia Perkins, through the town’s modern-day presidential ties. Guided tours are available for visitors from Memorial Day through Columbus Day, and afford guests an excellent opportunity to see the transformation of Kennebunkport during the last 200 years, from sleepy port town through shipbuilding center and on to the bustling tourism and maritime commerce village it is today.
The historical society is also celebrating even more presidential and Bush-family activity this season, as Barbara Bush’s 90th birthday this summer coincides with a celebration of her efforts with the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy. A celebration of reading event was held June 7 along with a celebration dinner June 8. A full exhibit honoring the former first lady and her efforts to promote literacy is also on display at the Kennebunkport Historical Society throughout the summer season.
Though there’s no shortage of reasons to visit Kennebunkport, this summer offers even more opportunities for fans of history and the Bush family yet another reason to tour the area. Plan your trip today! Schedule a stay at Fontenay Terrace online or call for reservations.

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