Fishing, Whale Watching and Lobster Cruises in Kennebunkport

  Kennebunkport, Maine is a beautiful area that offers the best in the exploration of Ocean life on the East Coast. For couples, families, and those who simply want to get away for an ocean adventure; Maine summers boasts fishing, whale watching, and unique lobster cruises on beautiful boats like the Rugosa.   There are […]

Great Lobster Recipes to Try While Staying in Kennebunkport, ME

Delicious Lobster Recipes   While visiting us, be sure to have a romantic, succulent lobster dinner. When you come to Maine, you MUST eat lobster; it’s an unwritten law. The great thing about lobster is that it works perfectly in almost any meal, and it can be prepared in a variety of ways. We have […]

Tips for Eating Delicious Maine Lobster

You can’t visit Maine and fail to try the country’s best seafood delicacy! No doubt family and friends will want to try a few different places while staying here, and that’s especially true if you’ve never had lobster (particularly from Maine). Succulent meat is your reward after removing it from the shell, but you have […]

Why You Need to try Lobster while in Kennebunkport

If you come to a Maine vacation from anywhere inland, you have not had lobster until you’ve tried lobster in Kennebunkport. Now, before you go on and say, “I’ve tried lobster; I don’t like it,” hear me out… You see, inland, a lot of markets and restaurants will actually sell California, spiny lobsters and call […]