The Kennebunkport Festival: Make Your Reservations For This Awesome Festival Now!

February 18th, 2014 Fontenay Terrace Motel



Beautiful scenery, old world charm, fine wine, and top chefs creating the most exquisite cuisine; this is the Kennebunkport festival held annually on the exquisite oceanfront of Maine.



The 2014 annual Kennebunkport Festival begins on June 3rd and runs through June 8th this year. For those in love with the arts, food, wine, and the amazing scenery of Kennebunkport, Maine; the festival is the place to be this spring. The festival includes an unrivaled array of talent in all areas; from some of the most acclaimed artists, to the top chefs of the world. Up and coming restaurateurs, Chad Conley and Greg Mitchell of Gather Restaurant and the anticipated Palace Diner in Biddeford, Maine, will be among the talent this year; alongside Blue Elephant Events and Catering founder, Fausto Pifferrer.


The Cellardoor Winery will be sponsoring the Grand Tapas Party, which will be featuring the food and wines from eight countries. With the caliber of talent and entertainment available at the festival; food, wine, and art enthusiasts, will be planning for the Kennebunkport festival well ahead of time. Visitors will get the opportunity to enjoy the best that Maine has to offer; from the fabulous Kennebunkport festival events, to the breathtaking scenery of Maine in the springtime. Those who truly want to secure their reservations, start preparing for the festival, and their lodging, by late winter, or early spring, at the latest.


The Kennebunkport Festival is the perfect place, and the perfect time, to celebrate the start of summer along Maine’s oceanfront. The Fontenay Terrace Inn offers the festival’s visitors, an escape from the city and a place to rewind after enjoying each day’s festivities. Quaint and cozy, with the comforts of home, the Fontenay Terrace Inn is just a stone’s throw away from ocean views and the Kennebunkport festival events


For those who want to start their summer season off, enjoying the natural beauty of Maine, fine food and wine, and warm Maine hospitality; make your reservations now for this annual event, that is chock full of exciting talent, and sits in the midst of a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.


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