Interesting Facts about Kennebunkport’s History

February 3rd, 2015 Fontenay Terrace Motel

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In York County, Maine sits the town of Kennebunkport, which was first incorporated as Cape Porpoise in the year 1663. It has, through the years, been a fishing village and shipbuilding center, and is also a very popular tourist destination during the summer months.


The village lost its European population in 1689 because of Indian pillaging, and the Europeans did not return until early in the 18th century when the town received the name of Arundel. As the economy became centered on fishing, shipbuilding and trade along the Kennebunk River, the town became Kennebunkport in 1821.


The village of Kennebunkport, as a very popular tourist spot, began around 1870, and hotels and homes sprang up along the coastline. Nowadays Kennebunkport is sprinkled with Bed and Breakfasts as well. Summer colonies became tourist havens and a few of them were Cape Arundel, Cape Porpoise – which was then, and remains a harbor for working fishermen – and Beachwood, which is now known as Goose Rocks.


Most of York County was destroyed by fires in 1947, and this included Kennebunkport itself and the land around Goose Rocks Beach. The Great Fires of 1947 were indeed devastating, but the affected areas have since been rebuilt and are better than ever.


Kennebunkport thrives year round, but especially during the summer months. Its vast variety of shops, seafood restaurants and galleries attracts a lot of the world’s upper class, and is itself one of Maine’s wealthiest villages.


Kennebunkport has gone through many changes, but was once, and still is prime real estate in New England. The village itself is a quaint representation of days gone by, and with its great hospitality, has a lot to offer visitors.

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