Fun Facts About Kennebunkport, Maine

August 25th, 2014 Fontenay Terrace Motel

Kennebunkport, ME

Anyone who has been to Maine, knows just how beautiful it is; the ocean sights, quaint small town vibe, and diversity of activities and fun things to do. And Kennebunkport, one of Maine’s most popular locations, is the perfect summertime getaway for families.


When going on vacation, it’s great to know a few of the unique details about your destination. Many families travel to Kennebunkport for spring and summer vacations every year; and they will find that they will always discover a new treasure. The people, the environment, the food and entertainment, combined with history and culture; makes Kennebunkport a treasure trove of fun facts and historical information.


Here are just a few of the fun facts we discovered about Kennebunkport, that we want to share with you.


1. Kennebunkport is a quaint ocean town that boasts some of the most spectacular homes on the East Coast. With houses and mansions almost two centuries old; this area of the Maine coast is a great place for culture and history lovers.


2. An original fishermen’s village and shipbuilding area; Kennebunkport has become one of the most popular seaside towns around, and an even more popular vacation and honeymoon destination.


3. On a drive along Ocean Avenue, from Dock Square to Walker’s Point;  you will see the evidence that Kennebunkport was an area for the wealthy in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, and a popular summer spot for the elite.


4. When George H.W. Bush was President; many world leaders converged in Kennebunkport, Maine at his invitation. Margaret Thatcher, Gorbachev, and Vladimir Putin, are just a few.


5. A drive along the coast of Kennebunkport is a must for all tourists. The scenery is so incredibly beautiful. But beware that during the summer vacation season, it can get a bit crazy, as the population of Kennebunkport rises considerably.


6. On off-season, which is also a wonderful way to spend the weekend in the Fall; a drive along the coast will offer views of the Bush family mansion, and their compound which is North of Walker’s Point.


There are many great reasons to visit Kennebunkport, Maine; from the summer ocean climate, to its quaint neighborhoods and wide variety of shopping and dining experiences. Make it your family getaway just once, and you will surely return to this East Coast retreat again and again.

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