Fun at the 2014 Kennebunk Port Festival

July 20th, 2013 Fontenay Terrace Motel

Food, Wine, and Art take over Kennebunk Every June! Plan early for next year!

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Seasonal Visitors to Kennebunkport return for the inimitable experience, phenomenal lobster, the darkest sky in Maine, and of course, the Kennebunkport Festival. This weeklong party consists of fabulous food, inspiring art, and other wonderful Maine specialties. This is your chance to really see Maine, and to visit and experience the Kennebunks during the peak season; see what life is like in Kennebunkport.


In fact, The Huffington Post referred to the town as one that gives off a feeling of nostalgia. A beautiful and quaint location with historic buildings and family run shops, we can see why Kennebunkport takes people back to their natural roots. The article goes on to describe the Kennebunkport Festival in all of its glory, explaining that this festival takes tourists and locals back to a simpler time. Not to mention, you’ll try some of the best food you’ve ever eaten!

“The Kennebunkport Festival is particularly unique in that many of its events are held at private residences, as opposed to the large-scale tents or convention halls favored by many of its counterparts”

To read the full story and view gorgeous photos of Kennebunkport, click here.

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