A New Home For The Kennebunk Book Port in Maine

January 16th, 2013 Fontenay Terrace Motel

The Kennebunk Book Port recently faced its biggest trial yet, and made it through. Here are congratulations to Rich and Emily Chasse for making lemonade out of some serious lemons. A bank purchased the dock that their shop sat on, seeing the shop as something to purge. With only two weeks to clean and move, Rich and Emily did not have the time or support they needed to find new location. Eventually, the Ocean Community Bank offered a loan to the couple, allowing them to move the business.



It turns out that, in spite of almost losing everything, the business is doing well! They are in a new location, off of Route 1 in the Shoppers village. The rent is lower and the area sees more traffic, so business is better. More traffic and higher profit? It seems that there has been a karmic impact helping the business as well. The Chasse’s have even hired a few part time employees to help with the new workload!



“Of course, it wasn’t easy packing up — or cleaning — a space the store had occupied for 35 years. But now the shelves are in place, along with a couch and comfy chairs — perfect places to check out some reading material. Chasse said they’ve kept the same categories of books, but have bulked up in the teen/youth category. And while the store is nearly complete, they do plan to enclose a back storage area and add some more inventory. Already, though, they’ve added a thing or two they never had in the past. “Graphic novels,” Chasse said, “that’s a first for us.” [Information from seacoastonline.com]

If you’re interested in visiting the book port while staying with us, you can reach them at 207-467-3300.


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