5 Great Reasons to Leave The City Behind & Visit a Small Town

August 2nd, 2013 Fontenay Terrace Motel

Life is pleasant in Kennebunkport; the town’s aesthetics alone tell you the tale of a quaint village that makes everyone feel welcome. Uncomplicated and fresh days await you in Kennebunkport, ready to welcome you with the reminder of a simpler, more authentic time in history.

If small-town life intrigues you, but you’re unsure if living in one is right for you, consider visiting a small village like Kennebunkport for a few weeks. It makes for a great, relaxing getaway, and if nothing else, you get a great experience and a wonderful vacation out of it.

Below, you’ll find five great reasons to experience small-town life.

  1. You’ll use less gas:
    In a small town or village, you can walk many places like banks, markets, and shops. If you do have to drive, it’s often a short-distance trip.
  2. Your business supports local Ma and Pa shops:
    Local and loyal customers are often how small businesses survive. Find unique items and eat delectable meals by supporting a myriad of family-owned venues.
  3. You’ll feel nostalgic:
    You will see children playing and enjoying life as you did. In busy cities, kids are getting hooked on technology and disconnecting at younger ages.
  4. You experience a new lifestyle:
    A tight-knit, welcoming community is something everyone should enjoy, and you will meet friendly neighbors and local shop owners in the process.

Less People:
With a smaller community, there’s less litter and noise to deal with, adding to the relaxing atmosphere of an already adorable village.

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